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A Happy Space to Help You Live a More Authentic and Fulfilling Life through Alchemy

This growing community is for those who seek to gain a deeper knowledge about themselves and the universe through the ancient wisdom of Alchemy. We have created a safe place to gather together online. Members from around the world can interact, ask questions, make friends, as well as laugh & learn together!

The Five Elements Class

Understanding Your Elemental Energetics

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to learn more about YOURSELF?
Your partner? Your children?
The Five Elements is GREAT for getting insights into so many areas of your life! 

When you join the Alchemy Learning Center your first BIG bonus is you get the The Understanding the  Five Elements Class for FREE.  This full length video class comes completely FREE inside the Alchemy Learning Center Community! If you have ever wanted to learn more about the Five Elements, here is your chance!!

Wanna take a peek inside the class? 

Live Events 🎟

You are invited! 
Each week we have a Thursday Night Q&A session with our entire membership community! This will be a time to ask questions on everything Alchemy, The Five Elements, and The Nine Palaces. We also have other live events sprinkled throughout each month to connect and learn on a deeper level. 

Curated Podlists for easy listening 🎧

We took our almost 100 podcast episodes and curated them into three bundles for easy listening and learning. Of course, you can listen anytime to any podcast, but we thought it would be great to curate them for you! And wait until you hear what we have coming out soon!!! 

  • The Five Element Podlist
  • ​The Nine Palaces Podlist
  • ​The Alchemy Podlist

Meditation Journey 🧘‍♀️

What if you had meditations that could guide you through exactly where you are right now? We have an ever growing meditation library that will bring you step by step through each stage of your learning process. 

Hero, Saint, or Alchemist? 

Cultivate the Alchemist's way of being with inner and outer journeys. Embark on a guided meditation journey with Leta & Jaye. Cultivate your meditation practice like never before by going through ancient Alchemical meditations. These meditations will guide you to discover and engage you with the external world in ways that are both enlightening and fun. 

The Alchemy Learning Center Library

We are creating a go-to place for resources and learning. We have curated our nearly 100 Inspired Action Podcast episodes into The Five Elements, The 9 Palaces and Alchemical sections. Deepen your knowledge of all things Alchemy with these easy-to-listen-to curated podlists. We will be creating a book reading list with other resources to help you expand and grow.

Learning the language of Alchemy starts with The Five Elements.

Learn an in-depth understanding to The Five Elements, The Nine Palaces, and Alchemy with Leta & Jaye. Start with The Five Elements class and continue moving up the stages to The Nine Palaces and Alchemy. Listen, learn, and laugh along the way!

"Alchemy can show you a path to more happiness, more fulfillment, more purpose, and more peace. 
We invite you to join us and take the first step in studying Alchemy." --- Leta Herman

Learn ancient Daoist philosophies that will light your path for your own Alchemical journey.

Be a part of our private community—on your terms! ♥️

Many of us are in a crunch for "more" time right now.  More time for work, more time for family, more time for friends....but what about more time for YOU?  We understand the time pressures on everyone right now... that's why we do so many different things in the Alchemy Learning Center. We don't want you to feel the pressure or feel stressed!  Learning more about who you are and how you can live the life you truly want to live should be FUN! 

We have made our classes as easy for you as possible by creating short video lessons of less than 30 minutes each. Which for us is hard since we love to talk about all things Alchemy, The Five Elements, and The Nine Palaces! 
We have also begun creating audio files of each class lesson so you can play it on the go, podcast style. 
 We mean it when we say you can take time, work, and play at your own pace. Everyone is on their own journey and we want to honor that with each member of the Alchemy Learning Center.  So, go ahead take your time—we will wait for you! 

You deserve some "me" time... 🙂

As two very busy people who run a successful Healing Clinic as well as a growing media and publishing company, we know first hand how life can often feel overwhelming.  Some days we we don't want to do anything else but find a few minutes to tune out and turn on the TV—who else is into The Durrells at Corfu right now? 
When we  created the Alchemy Learning Center, we wanted  a  community that we would like to join, with topics we love to teach and learn more about everyday. We wanted to create classes that we would want to take! The Alchemy Learning Center is all that for us—and hopefully for you too! It can be that place for anyone who is looking to ask questions, little and big questions, with no such thing as a "stupid" question policy—we really LOVE all the questions!

This little learning community was created for like-minded people and life-long learners who are looking for an experience where there is real  connection, deep learning, and, of course, laughter and fun. We love the idea of  sometimes turning off the TV and turning on your mind. You deserve it!  This place was created just for you.  If this sounds good to you, give the membership a try. We truly believe this community can bring you what your soul is needing right now—a deeper connection. 

Hello, from the 
Alchemy Learning Center! 

The Alchemy Learning Center is dedicated to promoting ancient wisdom for modern times with the desire to empower, inform, and motivate people toward the path of living authentically. We focus on living an authentic and true-to-self life from the understandings of the ancient Chinese Five Elements and the secrets of Internal Alchemy. We help life-long learners live an authentic and fulfilling life through Alchemy. 

Join the Alchemy Learning Center and Find "Your People"


  • ​Social Community of like-minded individuals
  • ​Releasing Chaotic Energy Class
  • Meditations—guided
  • ​Organized and Curated Podcast Episodes for Easy Listening
  • ​Weekly Virtual Meetings with Leta & Jaye and Community Members—THE BIG THURSDAY Q&A NIGHT in our private Zoom Room.
  • ​Forum group on the Five Elements for discussions and questions
  • ​Member Livestreams on Different Alchemical Topics—Coming Soon
  • ​And Much Much More...

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BONUS: Get the Understanding The Five Element Class for FREE
  • Member benefits:
  • Forum groups on the Five Elements for discussions and questions
  • Private social community of like-minded individuals
  • Releasing Chaotic Energy Class—recorded workshop replay
  • Curated Podlists on The Five Elements, The Nine Palaces, and Alchemy
  • Live weekly Q&A with Leta & Jaye
  • Member Livestreams on Different Alchemical Topics—Coming Soon
  • And more!!!! 
  • The FULL length -Understanding The Five Element Class includes:
  • 7 Modules and over 5 Hours of in-depth teaching on The Five Elements
  • A Companion Workbook with exercises, meditations, and Bonus Videos 
  • Curated Podcast episodes that go with each Element
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